Our story is simple. Our passion is to live a healthy and happy life, full of energy.

It all started 20 years ago when we began to consume daily supplements to support our health and wellbeing. We chose the best nutritional supplements from around the world; still, we felt we were not getting all we could, and they did not provide the full potential and benefits promised.

Moreover, we realized we were consuming supplements that were full of unnecessary ingredients.

Our world is rapidly evolving technologically, but nutrition is declining, high nutritional demands are rising, and nutritional deficiencies are widespread. We understood something was missing: supplements that fill sufficiently the nutritional gaps and are clinically formulated according to the latest science. So, we advised top experts on the subject of nutritional deficiencies on how to design supplements that work.

This is the story behind the birth of Natural Doctor nutritional supplements. They are scientifically designed by clinical experts to be harmonized with the latest scientific discoveries. They follow a Bioptimal philosophy to be whole as formulas, enclosing multiple nutrients, in significant quantity and quality, to fully support daily nutrition's demanding needs.

Ingredients do make the real difference behind Natural Doctor nutritional supplements. This is why our products benefit our dear friends, our thousands of loyal clients who keep referring us to their friends and family. You are all our best advertisement.

We select superior quality raw materials, patented nutrients, vitamins in their active forms, amino acids, enzymes and potent extracts of fruits, vegetables and plants. Every NATURAL DOCTOR product contains only vital nutrients in optimal synergy, quantity, and integration.

We follow a 0% additive policy, and you can be assured that when you take a Natural Doctor nutritional supplement, it contains only the needed nutrients, and is free from artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, titanium dioxide, yeast, wheat, soy, milk or GMOs. As natural binding agents, we have selected rice flour and steatic magnesium of vegetable origin. 100% of our nutritional supplements are manufactured only in European countries.

Our promise is one: we want the best and will never produce anything that we, our children and our friends will not safely consume.

Bioptimal Formulas