Silymarin & A Lipoic acid complex

Nutritional supplement with the natural antioxidant of silymarin from milk thistle extract and α-lipoic acid, for supporting a healthy liver function.

90 vegetable capsules
  1. Description

    A natural dietary supplement to protect the liver. Contains thistle fruit extract and α-lipoic acid, ingredients with nutritional and physiological effect, such as antioxidant protection in the liver. In particular, it contains an extract from thistle fruits, a thorny Plant of the Mediterranean, a herbal flavonoid and at the same time a powerful antioxidant traditionally associated with the normal functioning of the liver and bile.

    National Registration Number:18492/22-2-2016.

  2. Ingredients

    Supplement Facts - Amount Per capsule

    • Milk thistle seed extract (standardised to contain 70% silymarin) 143 mg 
    • Alfa lipoic acid 300 mg

    Free from artificial colorings, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, GMO's, yeast, wheat, soy, corn, sugar, or milk. Suitable for vegetarians.


  3. Benefits

    Suitable for people with sensitive liver, who regularly use drugs or alcohol and people with problematic bile function because it contains extract from thistle fruits, a thorny Mediterranean plant, a herbal flavonoid and at the same time powerful antioxidant that is traditionally associated with normal liver and bile function.

  4. See the science

    Silymarin is a plant flavonoid and a powerful antioxidant, derived from the fruits of the milk thistle.

    Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant, found naturally in the body's cells. It helps enzymes turn nutrients into energy, and converts glucose, blood sugar into energy, neutralizing free radicals. Most antioxidants are either water-soluble or fat-soluble. Alpha-lipoic acid is both water and fat-soluble which allows it to work in every cell or tissue in the body.

  5. How to use

    Take one capsule daily after the main meal or according to the directions of your doctor. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.

  6. Shipping

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    Please notice that for non-EU countries other taxes and import duties may be applied by your local authorities.

    Once the order is accepted and the stock is available, your order is dispatched within 1-2 business days, Monday through Friday.

Suitable for people who regularly use drugs or alcohol.

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Suitable for Vegetarians
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Ανδριανή Υ. 24/05/2021

Έχοντας χρόνιο πρόβλημα υγείας, παίρνω φάρμακα εφόρου ζωής... Το συμπλήρωμα αυτό βοηθάει τον οργανισμό μου να λειτουργεί όσο καλύτερα γίνεται παρά την μεγάλη επιβάρυνση. Αισθάνομαι πραγματικά καλύτερα!
Mal 17/04/2021

Πολύ καλό συμπλήρωμα
ERATO 06/04/2021

Πολύ καλά συμπληρώματα, άμεση εξυπηρέτηση.
Κώστας 02/04/2021

Πράγματι το προϊόν είναι όσο καλό όσο περιγράφεται!
ΕΛΕΝΗ Σ 29/03/2021

Είμαι η Ελένη 59 ετών, μετά από σύσταση φίλης μου πήρα το Silymarin & A-lipoic acid, γιατί μου είπε οτι έχασε λίπος από την κοιλιά. Το χρησιμοποιώ εδώ και ένα μήνα και η κοιλιά μου μαζεύει. Παίρνω 2 κάψουλες πριν από το φαγητό κάθε μέρα. Ένοιωθα πάντα ένα φούσκωμα και πρώτη φορά νοιώθω σαν να ξεφουσκώνω
Maria 21/03/2021

Products arrived at my house on time.
George Mavrikis 14/03/2021

GIORGOS 22/02/2021

Κατερινα 03/02/2021

Το καλυτερο προιον στο ειδος του!κι αν εχω δοκιμασει συμπληρωματα διατροφης λογω σοβαρου προβληματος υγειας,ειδα βελτιωση στο προβλημα απο τη στιγμη που το πρωτοπηρα και συνεχιζω!
Σταμάτης Α. 02/02/2021

Μπράβο για την σύνθεση...και πολύ γρήγορη εξυπηρέτηση!