Be Well

Two exercises to relieve stiff joints.

The secret for healthy bones and joints is to maintain their elasticity and mobility. Proper exercise and getting some nutrients can help a lot.

Constant pain in the bones and joints affects not only physical but also emotional well-being, but taking painkillers or painkillers is not always the best solution.

It would be better to eliminate the problem at its root as well as to take preventive measures while we are still in good physical condition.

There are many exercises that can help with flexibility and joint pain. Two of them are the most effective.

There are many exercises that can help flex the body, strengthen bones and relieve joint pain. Two of them are the most effective.

  • Swimming is a gentle form of exercise and supports the whole body in the water.
  • Weight training also helps build strength and endurance in the joints. However, it does not help lifting heavy weights but most repetitions with less weight.

Maintaining the elasticity of the joints through proper exercise has many benefits that enhance both physical and emotional well-being, resulting in:

  • Improved posture
  • Better balance
  • Less pain in the bones and joints
  • Injury prevention
  • More strength and harmony
  • Greater confidence   

According to the scientific literature, certain nutrients can be supportive in relieving a significant amount of bone and joint pain. Some of them are the following:


Studies show that the patented nutrient UC-II®, improves joint extension and increases pain-free exercise periods, while improving joint health, relieving from pain, stiffness and related symptoms in osteoarthritis.


Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM is a nutrient used to relieve inflamed joints. Studies have shown that MSM can significantly reduce inflammation by improving quality of life.

It also helps to slow down the process of degeneration of the joints, knees, back, arms and hips.

In addition, MSM prevents the destruction of the cartilage that protects the part of the bone where it meets the joint. According to the literature, MSM is particularly beneficial in controlling inflammation and stiffness.


The beneficial effect of nicotinamide has been extensively studied by scientists. According to science, nicotinamide improves the flexibility of the joints and reduces the inflammation significantly in relation to the placebo.


Glucosamine plays a vital role in building cartilage and is a supplement commonly preferred in conditions of arthritis and osteoarthritis.

It is also found in animal bones, bone marrow, shellfish and fungi. In fact, many glucosamine-containing supplements come from the shellfish shell.

The body needs glucosamine to make cartilage. Cartilage is a flexible connective tissue throughout the body and joints that acts as a cushion at the end of large bones that meet the joint.

As we grow older the levels of glucosamine in the body decrease. This makes the cartilage less flexible and may begin to break down. It is therefore important to maintain stable glucosamine levels at normal levels.

Under normal circumstances, a balanced diet of fish, white and red meat can help enhance the health of cartilage and therefore joints. But because the amount of glucosamine is more in the shells of shellfish, it is not practical to increase its intake with the usual diet. According to Mayo Clinic and modern studies, glucosamine has been shown to be beneficial in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


A combination of healthy food, regular exercise and balanced supplementation, with nutrients like UC II, glucosamine, nicotinamide, MSM, like Anoson, is the best way to enhance joint elasticity and relief pain. This is also an excellent prevention strategy to protect bones and flexibility of the total body.