Our Philosophy

Our Standards

Natural Doctor is a Greek company that works with distinguished scientists and experts in health and nutritional supplements.

Since the beginning of our operation, our primary goal has been to provide superior quality nutritional supplements without chemical additives, which safely support the deficiencies of daily nutrition. Three are the Standards of our operation, which are the pillars of our philosophy.

The Standard of No Chemical Additives

We do not use chemical additives, such as flavor enhancers, which improve nutritional supplements' taste and smell and mimic natural ingredients' flavor.

We do not use artificial colors and pigments to improve nutritional supplements' aesthetics because they often contain aluminum, titanium, and talc.

Since 2014, we have not used titanium dioxide, a metallic pigment that causes the whitening of ingredients. Most nutritional supplement companies have widely used it and still do, as only recently, in 2022, the European Food Safety Authority banned its use as a potential carcinogen.

The Standard of Optimal Raw Materials

We select the best active forms of vitamins and nutrients for optimal absorption in forms that do not cause any adverse effects and unique patented ingredients backed by clinical trials, along with high-purity plant, fruit, and vegetable extracts from trusted suppliers worldwide.

We use raw materials of high quality and purity without chemical additives. According to the current scientific literature, combining the ingredients together has optimal synergy and quantity.

The Quality Control Standard

All of our supplements are produced exclusively in Europe in plants with GMP facilities.

We conduct at least three lab tests in an independent laboratory on each batch of supplements we receive microbiological, heavy metal, and gluten.

For all the above standards, since 2014, Natural Doctor nutritional supplements have stood out for their quality, purity, and effectiveness.

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