Terms of Use

With this Agreement, the terms and conditions of use of the services provided to the users accessing the website https://naturaldoctor.gr or the relevant app (hereinafter called as “Company”) are defined.

Legal use of the offered services is the unconditional approval of the terms and conditions described herein and your compliance, when using the said services, with the provisions in force of the Greek Laws governing these transactions.

Users must be over 18 years of age and fully capable of entering into a transaction in order to subscribe (sign-up) and use the services offered by the webpage.

The Privacy Policy describes the manner the Company processes the personal data of the users of the Company’s offered services. As set forth in the Privacy Policy Agreement, the collection and further processing of the said personal data is required, both within the framework of the use of services offered by the Website and also for other legal purposes that are described in detail in our Privacy Policy Agreement.

The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor and the registered members of the webpage is governed by these present Terms, the Privacy Policy Statement, and also by the relevant Greek and EU legislation. In any case, the Website retains the right to change the Privacy Policy Terms within the framework of the provisions of the law in force.

The Company cannot guarantee the uninterrupted and technical error-free operation of the website and assumes no responsibility against claims of the users for website malfunction or website access interruption.

3. Accessing the Website and Members Registration
Website browsing does not require the user’s registration or the creation of an account. The non-registered user of the Website, except browsing, will be also able to buy products by filling in the relevant order form.

If the user wants to create a new personal account, then he/she is required to state and register his/her personal data online that are necessary for the completion of the registration process and to agree upon the present Terms and Conditions which he/she has read and fully understood.

The user, for the purpose of creating a personal account on the Website, is first required to register the following data:

- Username

- Valid and active email address of which he/she is the legal owner.

- Password of his/her choice that is entered in the relevant page. The user is required to keep the password safe and not to disclose it to any third party and to take all the necessary steps to prevent disclosure, to change his/her password upon suspicion of or proven disclosure, and to change it at regular intervals for security reasons and never or for whatever reason use a password that belongs to another user and that it may have come into his cognizance in whatever way.

The information furnished by the users during their registration process on the website or during their use of the webpage (placing an order) must comply with the following terms:

- The information must not be false, incorrect or misleading.

- The information must not violate the provisions of the Greek and EU laws in force, including the provisions of the law concerning export, consumer protection, antimonopoly and competition, discrimination or misleading advertising, industrial and intellectual property, trade secrets or personality rights issues.

Aiming to the correct use of the said information and to avoid any probable violations with regard to the content of the information, the Company reserves its right to check and process the said information according to the Privacy Policy Agreement.

If the user suspects that his/her authentication credentials have been compromised or disclosed to any third person whatsoever, is required to inform the Company as soon as possible. In any case and for security reasons it is recommended that the user must log-out after he has finished browsing.

Upon his/her successful registration and creation of new account, the user when accessing the website will be able to sign in by entering his/her username and password on the relevant webpage.

It is explicitly forbidden to use any kind of webpage monitoring or to copy part of or the whole operation mechanism of the webpage or of its content without the prior written consent of the Company. It is prohibited to copy, amend, paraphrase or republish the webpage content without the prior written consent of the Company.

The website retains its right to block temporarily or permanently the use of its services to any website registered member, who, according to its absolute judgment, does not conform with the present Terms and Conditions or the provisions of the law in force.

4. Purchase Agreement
The user may place his order online and have the items delivered to him/her according to the terms specified in the webpage “Item Delivery and Payment Methods” choosing the kind of legal receipt/invoice to be issued.

In the same field the delivery times and shipping cost are mentioned.

The payment methods are as follows:

- CASH ON DELIVERY that is paying the price of the item(s) purchased to the company’s authorized courier at the time of delivery. An extra fee of €2 Euros applies for this transaction.

- CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD PAYMENT: The user can pay the price of the item(s) purchased by using his credit or debit card prior to delivery. In cases that credit card payment is not possible (credit card has not yet been approved), the company reserves its right not to complete the order until full payment.

- PAYPAL PAYMENT: All the payments performed by using credit, debit or prepaid cards are processed by the digital online payment platform of the Bank “Eurobank” that complies with all the required standards for the security of the online payment services of the said cards. Furthermore, when using the credit/debit/prepaid card payment method, strong customer authentication procedures are implemented in compliance with the 3-D Secure Protocol, pursuant to the provisions of the No. 2015/2366 EU Directive (PSD2) and the requirements for Strong Customer Authentication.

Payment and Right of Cancellation
Upon the completion of the agreement for the purchase of a specific item, the said item is sent to the purchaser without delay as mentioned above. Due to the nature of the items sold as being consumables, the purchaser has the right of cancellation strictly within a fourteen-day (14-day) period. The consumer has to bear the cost of returning the goods while the Company has to bear the cost of redispatch. Detailed information regarding the above can be found on the “Returns” webpage.

5. Disclaimer
The nutritional supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect that are available in “dose” form aiming to supplement the regular diet. The food supplements do not replace the “normal diet”, that is the regular and balanced eating patterns, but only supplement it. Furthermore, the nutritional supplements do not have any diagnostic or therapeutic properties and they do not replace medication.

5.2 The existence of plant and herbal extracts and vitamins without additives, do not make the product de jure harmless (such as allergic reactions for example). You are kindly requested to consult your professional physician or another official healthcare provider before using any nutritional supplement. Also, if you have any questions regarding health issues before using any of our products or rely on the information provided on our Website you should consult your physician or another official healthcare provider before using any nutritional supplement and particularly if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or if you are under medication treatment or have any health problems.

5.3 The Company does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information contained on this webpage is for informative purposes only. Although information regarding our products is available on our webpage, neither our employees nor any other third party have been granted any permission whatsoever to give medical or any other professional advice through our website. Therefore, the information you get from the webpage should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of any kind of health issue or replace any medication or medical treatment scheme that your physician or any other official healthcare provider has prescribed.

5.4 Τhe Company guarantees that it will demonstrate in the execution of its conventional obligations the required diligence with regard to the transactions and this present agreement. Nevertheless, the Company assumes no responsibility and is exempted from any obligation for:

- The uninterrupted and fault-free operation of the Website.

- Acts of force-majeure or random incidents.

6. Final Provisions
The images, logos/trademarks/signs, graphics, photographs and texts as well as any other element that could fall into the category of Intellectual Property Rights and are found on this present website belong to and are intellectual property of the Company and are protected by the applicable laws of the Greek State and the European Union. Subsequently, it is prohibited to copy, record with analogue or digital means, reproduce with mechanical systems or equipment, download, modify, resell and in general exploit commercially the contents of the Website.

6.2 The Website and its proprietor in no way assumes any responsibility for any kind of damage, either liquidated or unliquidated, caused to the users of the website as a result of the provided services and due to, directly or indirectly, acts and/or omissions (to act) of third parties.

6.3 The services provided by the Website, including mere site content search, are not intended for persons that have not reached the age of 18. The website does not knowingly collect nor processes any personal data of persons under 18 years of age. If you are a parent or a guardian of a minor and you suspect that your child has entered any personal data on the website, you are kindly requested to contact us immediately.

6.4 The Company may revise the Terms of Use of the Website in its sole discretion. You are prompted to refer to these Terms of Use from time to time as they will always be available to you for any updates. These Terms of Use were last updated on 20/06/2022.

6.5 In any case, any dispute arising between the website and its visitors or Website members shall be referred to the competent Courts of the City of Athens and shall be resolved according to the applicable laws of the Greek State.